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Welcome to the realm of
Base Goddess!

"Follow a god and become a disciple; follow the Base Goddess and become a 4B." (Zee 3:16)

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Base Goddess NFT collection

In the celestial heights of Olympus, under the watchful gaze of the moon, the Base Goddess was born. Her birth signaled a new era, where the balance of the universe rested in her nurturing yet formidable hands.

To honor her omnipotent presence, a collection of 600 NFTs were born. Among these digital treasures, five stand as singular testaments to her glory, capturing her most pivotal moments and profound attributes.

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Behold the Base Goddess, the crypto queen with a moonlit touch, and the better half of the famed Base God.

She's the wizard behind the curtain. The one pulling the strings with her love, beauty and kindness. Her lunar magic will make you feel you are on the moon!

  • Moonlit touch
  • Kindness
  • Love
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Base Goddess Meme Contest

Base Goddess meme contest is now live! Unleash your creativity by creating memes that blend the mythical Base Goddess with the vibrant crypto universe.

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Liquidity locked until December 2025

In order to prioritize the safety of investors, the liquidity for Base Goddess is securely locked until December 2025.

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"Behind every great decision, there's a woman rolling her eyes. And at the top? Base Goddess who is so dazzling, she could make the moon quit its night job just by flashing a smile."

Based Bob
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Frequently Asked Questions

To ascend beyond the mundane world of traditional finance, reaching a utopia where crypto is king (or queen), humor is mandatory, and everyone gets a moonlit touch.

Feel the moonlit touch

Remember, in Base Goddess we trust, for she is the alpha and the omega, the bear and the bull, all rolled into one divine token.

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